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Wallace Core Coaching
, my website for leadership development coaching. (Aug 2009)

Jerry Sinnamon of Be on Purpose, offers services for specific client needs from its expertise in: Organizational Consulting, Executive Coaching, and Training in state-of-the-art HeartMath® techniques, which enhance performance and emotional competence by eliminating the impact of chronic stress. (August 2010)

 Pharma Regulatory Connection

Nancy Motola of Pharma Regulatory Connection, provides regulatory consulting services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. (Feb 2011)


Wallace Art Works, was originally created in 2001 for Anthony Wallace's artworks and recently upgraded to meet current W3 standards. (Feb 2011)

Woodbury-Bethlehem Parent Connection, is a non-profit organization designed to educate and empower parents / caregivers who have kids (of any age) who are using or abusing drugs or alcohol. (Oct 2011)

Kelley & Company, LLC
Certified Public Accountants offer professional services in accounting, taxes, consulting, training, estate planning and trusts. (Nov 2012)

Anne Drost of Optima Hair Removal is a licensed, board-certified electrologist, skilled in the art and science of permanent hair removal. For over 25 years, Anne has been providing exceptional, superior electrology for men and women throughout the Greater Waterbury and Cheshire areas. (Nov 2012)

Christine Nelson of Simply Sassy Coach is a Charlotte, North Carolina area Personal Style Coach and Fashion Consultant whose mission is to transform wardrobes, making her clients look even more chic and stylish. (Dec 2013)

to reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, or death in high-risk patients such as those with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In cardiovascular risk prevention, 24-hour platelet generation calls for 24-hour blood clotting protection with DURLAZA®. (Apr 2016)

Tanya Wallace, founder of Dream Catcher, LLC provides relationship coaching, life coaching, and intuitive spiritual guidance to help clients clarify their desires, overcome challenges and develop a manageable action plan to achieve success. (May 2016)

Your Best Health, LLC
is an evidence based, functional nutrition practice that offers creative, dynamic and effective nutrition education for groups as well as professional nutritional consultation for individuals. (Nov 2016)

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